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“I’m a hater but I like Elisa Albert, an actual genius.” 

Samantha Irby, author of Quietly Hostile

 "Elisa Albert doesn't screw around. In the range and the intensity of this prose is a raw honesty I find riveting, comic (always) and ultimately moving. What I take away is a kind of joyous embrace of our common sorrows, and I'm grateful as hell to have all these essays in one place." 

Peter Orner, author of Am I Alone Here and Love and Shame and Love

 “The queen of No Bullshit. The barometer of how a person can be emotionally bare and honest without being treacly or a con man.”

Heidi Julavits, author of Directions to Myself

 “This snarling girl has got it: The voice. The voice has a backbeat and a deep supply of rueful wit, and on the top layer the voice curls around to have a look at itself questioningly. As a result, the entranced reader will follow it anywhere, even to Albany.” 

Jonathan Lethem, author of Brooklyn Crime Novel

“With her roving, insatiable mind, Albert reclaims the personal as intellectual, political, and essential. She is never afraid to say what others would repress or dilute. To read her is an urgent, important call to try harder to speak truth and speak it boldly.”

 —Merritt Tierce, author of Love Me Back

"When it comes to essay collections, this is how it should be done. Equal parts acerbic, insouciant, insightful, and moving, The Snarling Girl is so tonally-rich and stylistically fluid that you’ll consume page after page and still want more. Albert is a writer of immense talent, wisdom, and wit, and the way she takes on her choice of subjects (contemporary feminism, motherhood, literary ambition, and the intersections of all of the above, to name just a few) is nothing short of brilliant. Do yourself a favor and do not hesitate to read The Snarling Girl. It’s a great book. Full stop." 

Rone Shavers, author of Silverfish